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Tue, Mar 17 2015 11:00 UTC

Building the Right Backup Strategy


Building Your Backup Strategy

In many situations, database backups are critical for recovering from a disaster, but there are lots of misconceptions about how backups work and what a good backup strategy is. The purpose of taking backups is, of course, to be able to restore them at some point - but that can sometimes be easier said than done, depending on what you want to be able to restore. In this session, Paul will explain how the three most common types of backups work and how they can be combined into an effective backup strategy. Paul will also cover how restore works, the three recovery options for restoring a backup, and a variety of useful examples. You don't want to find out that your backups are unusable when disaster strikes - this session provides the knowledge you need to make sure you can recover.

Paul Randal is the CEO and co-owner (with his wife, Kimberly Tripp) of, a world-renowned training and consulting company. He worked on the SQL Server team for 9 years, most notably rewriting DBCC CHECKDB, and since then has been a SQL Server MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. Paul is an accomplished writer and presenter, with numerous books, articles, whitepapers, and conference top-speaker awards over the years. You can read more about Paul at