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Tue, Oct 07 2014 11:00 Central Daylight Time

Changing Your Habits to Improve the Performance of Your T-SQL


Changing Your Habits to Improve the Performance of Your T-SQL

Do your developer’s queries run slower than expected? Do you constantly have to tweak their T-SQL to run efficiently? In this demo heavy session, we’ll take a look at various ways to improve yours and your developers T-SQL. You’ll learn about formatting T-SQL for readability and why top down design is not the best solution for writing T-SQL. You’ll learn why implicit conversions slow queries down and how to leverage simple techniques for minimizing the performance impact of explicit conversions. By changing some of your T-SQL writing habits you can improve performance of queries from the very beginning. Pass these tips on to your developers to save you a ton of headaches.

Mickey Stuewe is a Senior Database Developer. Her focus is on T-SQL optimization, requirements gathering, and report design using the SQL Server stack. She is the recent recipient of the “Best New Community Voice” Tribal award from Red Gate. She blogs regularly and co-authored her first book, SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Blueprints. She has spoken at Dev Connections, SQL in the City for Red Gate, and various SQL Saturday Events. She is also the president of the BIG PASS Community user grou